Integrated Pest Management

Insects in the City

Got bugs? Insects in the City is where you can learn more about common insects found around your home and landscape. Termites and fire ants, white grubs and aphids...if it's an insect pest, we'll try to provide you with the best in science-based, pest management solutions. Check out our fact sheet section for practical information on a variety of insect topics. Not sure what's bugging you? Pest Wizard will help you name that insect or spider. For professionals check out our Pest Management Professional resources for technical help with the latest in integrated pest management for urban environments.

School Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management, IPM, is a strategy that provides quality pest control using the least hazardous chemicals and techniques. IPM is not a particular pest control provider, but rather an approach that can be used by anyone with proper training.

Kids deserve a safe place to learn and grow. But bullies and drugs aren't the only threats to a safe school. Pest control is an important, but often overlooked, part of school safety. Besides insects, weeds, and rodents, pesticides used to control them are potentially hazardous to kids.

The Southwest Technical Resource Center is one of two centers that were created from a seed grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency in the spring of 2001, to promote awareness of School IPM.