Pasture and Livestock Management Workshop - 2009

Registrations are being accepted for the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Pasture and Livestock Management Workshop. The Workshop is targeted for the novice or inexperienced rancher, and covers the basics of soil fertility and forage establishment, management, and utilization. Additionally, several aspects of cattle management including basic animal husbandry, genetic selection, nutrition and feeding, and reproduction are covered. Although the workshop is targeted to novice producers it provides information that is relevant and valuable to both novice and more experienced producers. Class dates are March 24-26 and March 31-April 2, 2009. The Workshop starts on Tuesday morning at 8:00 and concludes on Thursday at noon, with about half the time spent in classroom and the remaining time in the field demonstrating various "how to" methodologies of planting, calibrating sprayers, inoculating legume seed, castration, vaccination, de-horning calves, and more. Due to limited enrollment, classes are limited to 50 participants. Workshop attendees have ample time to visit with Research and Extension faculty to discuss various aspects of forage production and livestock management. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, thus the registration form and check should be returned AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to reserve your place for the 2009 program.

A Workshop manual containing dozens of publications on pasture and livestock management is provided. Breakfast and break refreshments along with two noon and two evening meals are included.

Lodging is available at several Kilgore motels (approximately 12 miles). For your convenience, their phone numbers are:

Cost is $350 per person. Enrollment is limited to 50 individuals per week.

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