New rainwater harvesting manual for pro and novice alike

By: Steve Byrns, 325-653-4576  
Contact(s): Dotty Woodson, 972-952.9688, 

COLLEGE STATION - Everything you ever wanted to know about rainwater harvesting but didn't know to ask could well describe a new publication just released by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

The publication, "Rainwater Harvesting: System Planning" (publication number: B-6240), is 206 pages chock full of the how-to's, whys and best management practices associated with planning and installing rainwater catchment systems of all sizes, said Billy Kniffen, AgriLife Extension's state rainwater harvesting specialist at Menard.

"The manual is designed to assist designers and installers of rainwater collection systems in properly planning, sizing, installing and using rainwater for inside and outside use," Kniffen said. "The rainwater harvesting business could easily become a sideline or new career for such people as engineers, contractors, roofers and plumbers seeking added income or a complete change of work."

Kniffen said the manual is the first of its kind. It offers the technical information needed by the professional, but is also useful for the do-it-yourselfer needing guidance to install a small system. He said the manual is also designed and written to be a complete educational guide and textbook curriculum for instructors in college or industry.

"It will help those in the business consider all aspects of the construction of a system from bids and contracts to properly installing and maintaining systems," Kniffen said.

The 17-chapter spiral-bound manual has a table of contents, color photos, diagrams and extensive appendices including tables and figures, uniform plumbing code, references and answers to study exercises found in several of the book's chapters.

The manual retails for $48.50 per copy with a wholesale price for orders of 20 or more of $35 each. Order by visiting the Texas AgriLife Bookstore at: .